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2018 Neighborhood Prayer Initiative...
The 2018 Neighborhood prayer Initiative is in full swing and we are excited to see God working in our community!  The main objective of this outreach is to go into the neighborhoods of our community and pray over each neighborhood (one at a time).  
We do this in FOUR STEPS:

1. Week One - Prayer walk
This includes simply walking the streets of the neighborhood and praying over the homes and people who live there for God's blessing upon their lives.

2. Week Two - Door Hangers
This week is about notification that we are praying in the area and are available to pray for the specific needs of each home or individual.

3. Week Three - Take Requests
The third week we actually approach each door and ask if there is anything that we may pray about with the residents.  If allowed, we will pray with them on the spot.  Afterward, teams will meet up for group prayer over each request.

4. Week Four - Follow-up
This week is to follow up with those who gave prayer requests last week and see how things are and to offer any additional help.

What a great way to ...
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