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The Original New Testament Plan of Salvation                                        Over the years the biblical message of salvation taught in churches has "evolved," and continues to do so gradually, and without being noticed until we examine the original message taught by Jesus and the apostles whom He entrusted to found His church.  The original message can be found in Luke 24:45-49; Acts 2:37-39, 8:16-17, 10:42-48, 19:1-6.
The book of Acts is rarely referred to when teaching on this subject. New converts are usually referred to the New Testament epistles, which are written to the church rather than to the unbeliever.  Although the epistles more fully explain what our salvation entails, the book of Acts is the ONLY book in the Bible with the actual, verbatim words spoken to new converts by the apostles.  The apostles are never recorded as having told anyone to "repeat this simple prayer after me to be saved." 

 So, what did the apostles tell people to do to be saved?
  • 1. Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
  • 2. Be baptized in water in the name of Jesus Christ
  • 3. You will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. (The promise of the Father according to Acts 1:4-5; Luke 24:49, John 7:37-39; 14:16,17 & 26)

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