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Activate Your Faith!
It's a NEW YEAR ... 2017!  What does it mean to you that 2016 is over and a new year has begun?

I hope it means new opportunities for you.  A chance to evaluate what went wrong last year so you don't have to walk that road again;  and a chance to evaluate what went right last year so that you can build upon those things.

Most of all, I hope it means hitting that "POWER" button in your spiritual life!  Like your computer, sometimes your walk of faith just seems to go into "sleep mode" due to inactivity.  When this happens you have to hit that power button to "Activate Your Faith.

I want to suggest two things for starters to activate your faith:

    Watch the power of association. You become like the people you hang out with.  It's a fact.  If you hang around with weak, sick, powerless, discouraged, hopeless, addicted and unhappy people all of the time, that is just what you will become.  
    So, change it! Make a determined effort to overcome any obstacle in your way of regularly attending church with Holy Ghost-filled, joy-filled, victorious, hopeful, spiritually free, Jesus name prayer-warriors every week.  See the difference it makes for yourself!

2. Click on one of the "Into His Marvelous Light" buttons on this page.
    Wow, when you click any of these "buttons", they will open up a Bible study right on your computer screen with questions, scripture references and a place to type in the answers (or print the pages and handwrite the answers).
    Once you've finished the study, find a friend, or loved one, and lead them through the study on their own computer.  Then bring them to church with you!  

    See? Now, because you pushed the "power" button in your own life, you've also influenced someone else to get fired up about their life.  How awesome is that???

Come on!  Take the challenge to do these two things (without excuses) and you will be started toward making 2015 the best year of your life, so far!

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